Our kitchen will always delight you with honest home-cooked meals prepared from selected ingredients. Taste the best of Slovak, Czech and Hungarian cuisine. In addition to traditional beer dishes, we offer a selection of dishes that form a gastronomic interplay with our excellent beer.

Beer Snacks

Bread with lard, onions and cracklings 100g 1,3,7   100g   4,90€
(3pcs bread, spring onions)

Homemade aspic 1,3,7  150g   6.90€
(onion, vinegar, chilli, bread)

Homemade Brawn 1,3,7  100g   5.90€
(onion, vinegar, chilli, bread)

Homemade sheep cheese spread 1,3,7  5,50€
( bread/pan-fried bread)

Homemade pork crackling spread 1,3,7,10   100g   5,50€
( bread/pan-fried bread)

Crispy potato flatbread wedges 1,3,7   2ks   4,90€
(spicy dipping sauce)

Spicy marinated camembert cheese 1,3,7   120g   5,90€
(camembert, bread)

Toast with spicy spread 1,3,7   150g   6,90€
(beef chuck roll, grated cheddar, chilli)

Potato fries with sauce 3,10   350g   6,90€
(fries, sauce)

Sweet potato fries baked with cheddar 3,10   300g   9,90€
(sweet potatoes, cheddar cheese)

Homemade Goose paté 1,3,7   100g   6,90€
(pâté, toast)

„Zájedka“ (sausages, cheese, spread, bread) 1,3,7,10   300g   13,90€
(sausages, cheese, spread, bread)

Steak tartare 1,3,7,10   100g   13,90€
(We do not recommend that uncooked meat and eggs should be consumed by children, pregnant women and people with compromised immunity.)

Baked sausage with mustard, fresh horseradish and bread 1,3,7,10   130g   6,50€
(sausage, mustard, horseradish, bread)


Strong beef tail broth with liver dumplings 1,3,7,9   0,33l   4,90€

Bean „Jókai“ with bread 1,3,7   0,33l   5,90€

Tripe soup with bread 1   0,33l   5,90€

Hungarian Halászlé with bread and sour cream 1,3,4,7   0,5l   12,90€

Main dishes

Fish and Chips  1,3,4,7   150g   14,90€
(pea puree, wasabi mayonnaise)

Catfish paprikash 1,3,4,7   350g   14,90€
(cottage cheesecake speckles)

Potato-style gnocchi with sheep cheese  1,3,7   350g   9,90€
(on request with fried bacon)

Cordon bleu in panko breadcrumbs 1,3,7,10   150g   10,90€
(chips and homemade tartar sauce)

Roast chicken wings 6,7   300g   11,90€
(corn, sweet potato fries, sweet chilli sauce)

Chicken Steak 3,7   200g   11,90€
(potato gnocchi, chanterelle mushrooms sauce)

Confit duck leg 1,3   250g   15,90€
(braised red cabbage and duck-fat brushed potato flatbread)

Duck breast 7   220g   15,90€
(saffron risotto, parmesan)

Smažák (fried smoked cheese)  1,3,7,10   150g   9,90€
(baked potatoes, homemade tartar sauce)

Roast pork knuckle 1,3,7,10   800g   16,90€
(pickled vegetables, bread, mustard, horseradish)

BBQ roasted high ribs 1,3,7,10   750g   15,90€
(pickled vegetables, bread, mustard, horseradish)

Roasted low ribs 1,3,7,10   500g   15,90€
(pickled vegetables, bread, mustard, horseradish)

Slow roasted neck of pork 1,3,7  200g  12,90€
(red cabbage, bread dumplings, crispy onions)

Pork cheeks  7  200g  12,90€
(parsley puree, rosehip sauce, shallots)

Hungarian goulash 1,3,7,11   200g   12,90€
(bread dumpling, pickled onions)

Traditional tenderloin on cream 1,3,7,10   200g   12,90€
(steamed dumplings, pickled cranberries)

Beef sirloin steak 7   200g   25,90€
(sauce of your choice)

Fried veal Schnitzel 1,3,7   200g   17,90€
(panko breadcrumbs, slovakian potato salad)

Street Food

Hamburger „Blue Cheese Bacon“ with potato fries and onion rings 1,3,7,11   170g   13,90€
(Beef chuck roll, blue cheese, bacon, lollo rosso, tomatoes, sour cucumber, red onion, coleslaw salad)

Hamburger „Chilli“ with potato fries and onion rings 1,3,7,11   170g   14,90€
(Beef chuck roll, cheddar, bacon chips, pickled jalapenos, chipotle mayo, tortilla chips)

Hamburger „Pulled BEEF“ with potato fries and onion rings 1,3,7,11   170g   13,90€
(Pulled beef chuckroll, cheddar sauce, lollo rosso, caramelized onions, BBQ dressing)

Hamburger „Veggie“ with potato fries and onion rings 1,3,7,11   200g   14,90€
(Halloumi cheese, lollo rosso, eggplant, tomato, red onion, mayonnaise)

Beef cheese sandwich with potato chips 1,3,7,11   120g   13,90€
(sesame baguette, pulled beef chuck roll, cheddar sauce, baby spinach)

Pork fries 1,3,7   120g   12,90€
(pulled pork, potato fries, jalapenos, cheddar)

Ceasar wrap with potato fries  1,3,7,11   150g   10,90€
(Chicken breast, lettuce, bacon chips, parmesan cheese, ceasar dressing)

Hot-Dog „Komín“ with potato fries 1,3,7,11   120g   10,90€
(sesame baguette, grilled Vienna sausage, cheddar cheese, arugula, tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise horseradish)

Hot-Dog „Pikant“ with potato fries 1,3,7,10,11   120g   10,90€
(sesame baguette, grilled Vienna sausage, Dijon mustard, red onion, jalapeños, habanero, lollo rosso)

Salads & Veggie

Salad with marinated sirloin 10  150g  14,90€
(mixed leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, balsamic vinegar)

Baked Portobello mushrooms 7  250g  10,90€
(portobello mushrooms, sheep cheese, shallots, chives, mixed salads, shallots, chives, mixed salads)

Ceasar salad 1,3,4,7,11   200g   11,90€
(chicken breast sous vide, romaine lettuce, bread croutons, toasted bacon, parmesan cheese, ceasar dressing)

Vegetable Curry with couscous 6,7,11  350g  9,90€
(zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, red onion, sugar
peas, coconut milk, sesame, coriander)

Salad with roasted goat cheese 7,8  150g  12,90€
(mixed leaf salad, beetroot, buckwheat, walnuts, honey dressing)

Pierogis with sheep cheese  1,3,7  350g  9,90€
(sour cream, chives)


French fries 200g 2,50€

Baked potatoes in lard 200g 2,50€

Boiled potatoes with butter and parsley 7 200g 2,50€

Stuffed potatoes with onion and bacon 200g 2,50€

Steamed rice 180g 2,50€

Homemade flatbread 1,3 1pc 2,50€

Steamed dumplings 1,3,7 160g 2,50€

Potato dumplings 1,3,7 160g 2,50€

Grilled vegetables 200g 5,00€

Bread 1,3,7 1pc 0,40€

Toasts/Toppings 1,3,7 2pcs 1,50€

Mustard, Ketchup, Tartar sauce 10 50g 1,50€

Fresh horseradish 30g 1,50€

List of allergens

1 Cereals containing gluten 2 Crustaceans and products thereof 3 Eggs and products thereof 4 Fish and products thereof 5 Peanuts and products thereof 6 Soya beans and products thereof 7 Milk 8 Nuts: Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, macadamia nuts, Queensland nuts 9 Celery and products thereof 10 Mustard and products thereof 11 Sesame seeds and products thereof 12 Sulphur dioxide and sulphites 13 Lupines and products thereof 14 Molluscs and products thereof